Refund & Cancellation Policies

Refund And Cancellation Policies

We are a brand with operating philosophy to be as friendly to your needs as feasible. While we will deal with each situation in a fair manner to both sides, following forms the policy. 

Just one box ordered, you can reach out to us for cancelling or to ship at a latter date within 24 hrs from the time of you ordering.

More than one box must be cancelled within 12 hrs from the time of ordering

We shall refund your money into your bank a/c if you have cancelled as per above timelines. This will be done within three working days, and you will be informed through email with screen shot of payment transfer.

Cancellation can be done by writing an email to 4. or by reaching us through telecon using any of the numbers given in our website. In all cases, pl mention your order number.

If you have not cancelled within said time limits but reach out to us after we have shipped your order, we shall assist you in diverting that specific shipment to another address of your choice within India. Other than this option, there won’t be any refund whatsoever.

If you reach us beyond said time limits, and that we have not shipped your order due to whatsoever reason, then we shall refund 100% of your order value within three working days. This will be applicable only for maximum of ten boxes ordered through single payment transaction. Beyond ten boxes above mentioned timelines will be binding.