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Are you addicted to unhealthy sugary junk foods?

Now a days, when we think of having any sweets from market,there is a compromise of the nutritional value of sweets products.

👌Introducing Wow laddus which is a delightful treat for your loved ones in the special occasion like festivals, birthdays, weddings, events.These laddus are packed with wheat, ghee, and an assortment of dry fruits like almonds, cashews, dried coconut, and cardamom. With minimal sugar and the goodness of jaggery, these laddus are not only delicious but also loaded with energy, protein, fiber, and happiness!💝

Explore our varieties of Healthy Laddus

 Dry Fruits Supreme Laddus Box (12 pieces)
Wow Laddus Quartet (4 types in 1 box- 12 pieces)
Wow Duet ( 12 pieces, 6 each of 2 types of laddus)
Golden Grain Laddus Box (12 pieces)

Say goodbye to the junk foods and yes to the healthier snacking options.🍬

Why there would be compromise for sweets when you have wowladdus box that is fusion of nutrition and taste?

Treat yourself with wow laddus box and join our legions of satisfied customers.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Lets look into the benefits of having wowladdus:😍

What you get?

  • Protein
  • Nutritious Fibres
  • Vitamins
  • Boost haemoglobin
  • Iron
  • Immunity

😍No added preservatives.

See what our customers say about our Laddus! 

🌟To enjoy wowladdus visit: WowLaddusIndia.com and experience the joy of healthier snacking. Choose from our 4 varieties of dry fruit ladoos crafted with different healthy ingredients. Say yes to a guilt-free treat that will leave you smiling from ear to ear!👌


Dry Fruits Laddus Box - A Healthier Choice For your Sweet Tooth & Daily Nutrition Needs.

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