4 different varieties of healthy laddus in a box wow laddus ladoos

Wow Quartet (4 in 1) Laddus Box - 12pcs

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Satisfy your craving with Variety of Healthy Laddus in a Box. Wow Laddus Box (Quartet 4 in 1-12 pieces)

Craving something sweet but don't want to compromise on nutrition? Don't worry! Now eat Laddus at your home with WowLaddus!

These are nutritious and extremely tasty laddus/ ladoos which will be delivered right to your doorstep and made with premium quality dry fruits, loaded with nuts, jaggery, ghee etc.

A Wow Laddus a Day Keeps you Energised Full Day

What type of Laddus (ladoos) are included in this Quartet Box?

  • Dry Fruit Supreme Laddus
  • Golden Grain Laddus
  • Nuts Opus Laddus
  • Seed Nouvelle Laddus

Laddus for Healthy Snacking, Gifting, Weddings & Festivals

Trying to give up addiction to sugary sweets & chocolates? Explore this perfect choice of healthy nutritious sweets laddus. With WowLaddus, you not only get tasty laddus, but you also get covered in daily nutritional need! 

  • MADE WITH ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS. No additives of any form are used. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives were used.
  • WHOLESOME, NATURAL, DELICIOUS - Made of recipes that balance taste and nutrition.

What makes this box of 4 Types of Laddus Special? 

 Golden Grain laddus: Gold standard whole wheat in a duet with gloriously crunchy and rich nuts.

Nuts Opus laddus:

A delicious overload of awesomeness with an exquisite blend of the crunchiest richest nuts.

Seed Nouvelle laddus:

Endlessly entertaining seeds like sesame, poppy, melon and cucumber, in a tango with badam and cashew.

Dry Fruit Supreme laddus:

Bursting with rich dry fruits and nuts, a feast in every bite.

See what our customers say about our Laddus! 

Quartet Laddus Box - a Healthier choice for your sweet tooth & daily nutrition needs.

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